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Hi, I'm Ellen (she/her)!  As a writer, artist, and educator, my roots are steeped in creativity, and it percolates through all I do.

I hope to make the natural world more accessible and meaningful through my work. With my adventure writing, herbalism tips, and hand-felted creations of my favorite birds, I try to pocket a few of Earth's wonders and share them with you! You can find my writing on TrailRunnerMag, PlantSnap,, TinCanFish, and more. I anchor myself to anti-oppressive practices and am constantly learning to be a better ally to all identities and diverse perspectives. 

When I'm not writing or creating, I'm probably running in the mountains or making key lime pie.

Based in Boulder, CO on the indigenous lands of Di De’i (Apache), Hinono’eiteen (Arapaho), Tsistsistas (Cheyenne), Nʉmʉnʉʉ (Comanche), Kiowa, Čariks i Čariks (Pawnee), Sosonih (Shoshone), Oc'eti S'akowin (Sioux) and Núuchiu (Ute) people.

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